Fumigation is an effective targeted technique commonly used to control pests that attack stored goods and commodities. Fumigation itself is highly toxic to all living organisms, including humans.

Fumigation services are highly controlled by local legislation and only registered pest control operators are allowed to conduct the treatment. Our trained fumigators abide by strict procedures to ensure fumigation does not endanger the lives of your employees.

Pest React Fumigation team consists of highly experienced and competence licensed fumigator which was accredited under the Malaysia Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (MAFAS).

Our Services

Pest React provides only the best in terms of service quality as to ensure effectiveness outcomes for each fumigation tasks to protect your business, which convers container, food manufacturing plant, industrial and manufacturing plant, warehousing, silo and more.

Every aspect of our treatment is crucial to our entire solution process, so rest assured that we will handle every pest problem in the most appropriate way.



Phosphine Gas is a common fumigant used to control stored product insects (SPI) in treating infested flours, grains and cereals as eliminate insects that infest raw material products.

Methyl Bromide

For better quality control and assurance of our disinfection service, ATP SWAB TEST will be carried out before and after the disinfection conduct by our filed staff.

How Fumigants Work

Fumigant is influenced by its concentration in the atmosphere in the premises, the length of time it stays in the atmosphere and during the fumigation, gas is designed to enter cracks, crevices and other areas where target pest may occur and fumigators to ensure that there are no leakages found during the fumigation of goods.

Fumigants kill by interfering with the respiratory function of the target pest. Molecules of some fumigants, replace oxygen molecules in the air, so the pest-control action involves smothering (asphyxiation) due to lack of oxygen.

Before Fumigation areas begin, the area of fumigation needs to be sealed properly to ensure the effectiveness of the fumigation process. Fumigation has no residual effect, and re-infestation may occur after the fumigant has diffused from the area.

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