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Right from the start, our dedicated team of specialists will be given directives and guidelines to permanently solve pest problems. All actionable items are then communicated clearly within business units to ensure speedy resolution. We understand the urgency of our customers' plights and we are fully committed to addressing their pest concerns.


We take stringent measures to ensure that our team delivers outstanding services at all levels, from consultation and site evaluation to execution, in order to achieve our ultimate goal – a PEST-FREE environment for our valued clients.


Every single detail matters to us. We set ourselves apart from the competition by going the extra mile to deliver our promises and exceed expectations.

Are these pests bugging you?


Termites are social insects that practise the Caste System. Each colony consists of a queen, a king, soldiers, workers, alates and immature (nymphs and eggs). Each of the caste members share similar body forms but separate and specific tasks.


There are two species of rats that are commonly seen in Malaysia – Norway Rat and Roof Rat. For a rat to mature and to be able to mate, it needs approximately 21 days.


There are three species of cockroaches commonly seen in Malaysia – American, German and Brown-banded, with the American cockroach usually sighted in drainage systems, sewage tanks and flooring traps.

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